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Mar 29, 2024 by Gordy Megroz
Photograph Courtesy John Collinson

Trade Secrets: John Collinson | Keep a Beginner’s Mindset

Featuring pro skier John Collinson

Home Base / Salt Lake City, Utah.

Activities / Skiing, mountain biking, cycling, gravel riding, climbing, running, gym training

Insider Knowledge

“It’s safer in the mountains to be humble and willing to learn something new,” says John Collinson. Along with TGR, and others, he’s been through a similar snow science course nearly 10 times. “That can be boring,” he says. “But there’s always a nugget of knowledge that might be new and useful. So it’s important to go into each situation with an open mind. You never know when somebody might have something new to teach you.” John believes that taking a beginner’s attitude into situations encourages others to share their knowledge. “Nobody wants to teach something to a know-it-all,” he says.

Quick Tip

“Everybody has something to bring to the table. It’s important to give people respect. That’s especially relevant in the backcountry, but it’s true everywhere. I make a point of hearing what everybody has to say. We all have different histories. There’s value in that.”

Photo: Courtesy John Collinson