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Revolutionizing the business of creativity.

We’re empowering professionals steeped in the cultures we serve—starting in action sports and the outdoors—to make authentic, high quality work, more efficiently and at fair market rates.
Photograph Merrick Ales
hence /hens/


from this place: away;

from this time: from now;

from this source or origin.

The idea for Hence came to us somewhere between the vibrant food and music scene of Austin and the contemplative backcountry of the Wasatch Mountains. We could see that the media landscape was becoming increasingly fractured, especially in areas where our passions run deep. We knew our diverse crew of coconspirators could help and Hence, we went forth.

Our Mission

Empower and celebrate human creativity through the smart application of technology.

The Hence team consists of athletes, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business operators, who share a passion for culture and storytelling through film, photography, writing, art, design, and music.

A space grounded in authenticity.