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The story of Hence is less about us and more about what we intend to do with your help:

Leverage technology to bring talented people together so great work will flourish.

Photograph Jordan Manley
hence /hens/


from this place: away;

from this time: from now;

from this source or origin.

The idea for Hence came to us on the hiking trails, singletrack, skin tracks, and chairlifts of the Wasatch Mountains. The media landscape is fractured, but the demand for storytelling is only growing. Hence supports creatives, builds community, and fosters better storytelling.

Some Background

As we prepare to launch the Hence platform, we’ve assembled a core team of filmmakers, photographers, writers, editors, athletes, and industry executives with a combined 100+ years of experience in the outdoor and broader consumer goods industry.

As with the creatives and athletes that are already joining the platform, the Hence team shares a passion for preserving storytelling through film, photography, written word, art, design, and music.

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