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May 14, 2024 by Marc Peruzzi

Trade Secrets: Scott Markewitz | The Key to Maintaining Relationships

Featuring Adventure and Commercial Photographer Scott Markewitz

Home Base / Salt Lake City, Utah

Activities / Skiing, cycling, trail running, lifestyle, golf

“Creating relationships is key to this business,” says the photographer, videographer, and agency head Scott Markewitz. “There are many ways to do that. But being authentic is crucial. To be in the ski scene you need to be a skier. You can’t fake it. That’s true of anything. You can’t be a great motocross photographer if you can’t ride moto. You have to know what good form is. You have to be able to talk to people on their level. It’s not ‘who is this idiot?’ 


That said, though, you don’t have to pigeonhole yourself either. I feel like, if it’s moving then I can shoot it. I can figure it out. Even when I’ve shot golf I’ve had success because I’m an authentic action sports photographer and my golf clients were looking to bring that energy into what had been a staid sport. But I also studied golf photography and know what good form looks like. Because of my background with skiers and cyclists, I understand body mechanics. Once a client knows you care about their needs and aren’t coming off as precious, they will think of you the next time.” 

Brandon Semenuks sails over a gap at the Red Bull Rampage.

Quick Tip

“One piece of advice I would give to younger creatives is not to devalue their work. Don’t give it away. Don’t trade it. One of my rules is I don’t pay to work. By that I mean I might take an assignment that is only break even if it’s interesting to me. If you’re a professional, what you do has value. A ski pass or a pair of skis is an installment on the fee, it’s not the fee.”

Paul Basagoitia performing a Superman Seat Grab at his private track in Linden, Nevada.