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Dec 9, 2023 by Gordy Megroz

Trade Secrets: Learn to Collaborate


Home Base / Jackson, Wyoming.

Activities / Skiing, mountain biking, climbing, running, mountaineering.

Insider Knowledge:

“I think we all can become better collaborators,” says Collins. “There are always problems that need to be surmounted. The weather, the timing, somebody or something doesn’t show up. Roadblocks force you to find creative ways to collaborate with people to reach the goal.” 

The high country teaches you "mountain sense," which is like common sense, but with faster negative results when you screw up. Photo: Brittany Mumma

Recently, Collins was working with a client that had no mountaineering skills but, for the project, needed to reach the top of the mountain. “We had to do it in a safe way and that takes a very collaborative effort with your team and the client.” Over the years, Collins has discovered that the best way to encourage collaboration is by helping people reach a decision that works for everybody. “You’re constantly trying to save people from themselves, but you’re not pushing back. You’re guiding them to a new decision. You’re letting them be part of the process.”


Quick Tip

“In the field, in high risk settings, slow things down and make decisions based on everybody’s needs,” says Collins. “Sometimes slow is fast.”