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Dec 12, 2023 by Gordy Megroz
Top of Everest

Meet a Creative: Dirk Collins


Home Base / Jackson, Wyoming.

Activities / Skiing, mountain biking, climbing, running, mountaineering.

Why Dirk:

Raised an outdoor kid in Anchorage Alaska, Collins moved to Jackson in 1991 when he was 21 years old, and, in 1995, helped found Teton Gravity Research, the company renowned for its annual ski flicks. Collins directed and produced with TGR for 13 years before leaving to start his marketing and entertainment company, OneEyedBird. “I wanted to work with other brands; to spread out a little and not be so pigeonholed,” he says. Since founding OneEyedBird, Collins has collaborated with a wide variety of clients—from car companies to the U.S. military—and has created everything from commercials, to documentaries, to television series.

Gear check at Everest Base Camp

Collins’ work takes him to far-flung corners of the earth, where he manages all facets of production, including the creative vision, safety, logistics, and even distribution. “People call me to tackle difficult projects involving helicopters and big crews,” he says. “There’s usually a lot of physical and financial risk. I take on dangerous work.”

Specialized Skills

“All these projects are extremely complex to pull together,” says Collins. “The way you get through it is by taking it one piece at a time. Each part is a brick, and you build them on top of one another.”

Photo: Brittany Mumma

Dirk’s ability to work gracefully and with ease under extraordinary pressure is what makes him stand apart. A consummate team player that also leads by example, he is always my first call for my most challenging and complex projects.

Jimmy Chin Academy Award-winning documentarian.
In the environments that Dirk operates in, the team is everything.
Dirk's résumé includes documentary, actions sports, feature film, and commercial work.

What's Next

Collins recently launched Climate Content Alliance, a media company dedicated to telling climate and conservation stories. “Most climate stories are done through documentaries, but we’re trying to drive more education and awareness through bigger audiences than a documentary would reach,” says Collins. “The goal is to place climate stories on bigger platforms several times a year.”

Most of Dirk's career has been spent in the high peaks. When you have a living memory of extinct glaciers and snowfields, it makes climate change harder to ignore. Photo: Brittany Mumma