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May 1, 2024 by Frederick Reimers

Trade Secrets: Shannon Corsi | Learn How to Lead a Team


Home Base / Bozeman, Montana.

Activities / Travel, Adventure, Snowboarding.

Insider Knowledge

The filmmaker Shannon Corsi was thrust into the director role simply because she often had the most experience on the team. She’s learned to love it. Being a director is signing up to be peppered with questions, but Shannon is comfortable in a collaborative work environment—as long as it’s well managed. 

Leadership matters in all environments, but in the mountains the need is more acute.

“It’s so energizing being on a team of competent people with diverse skill sets working on a single goal. You don’t get that big creative energy any other way.”

Quick Tip

Build the foundation: “You have to lay the groundwork for collaboration beforehand,” says Shannon. “It takes organization. Before we get to the shoot, I’ll run through the plan with each team member and ask for their input. That kind of early communication and tone setting creates tremendous buy in. That translates to better team morale. Of course, once on set, you have to know when to open that door for input and when not to. Getting everyone on the same page up front is best.”