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Mike Call

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Home Base / Salt Lake City, UT, USA



Adventure Filmmaking Climbing/Mountaineering Documentary Filmmaking


Documentary Filmmaking Adventure Filmmaking Climbing/Mountaineering

FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Climbing/Mountaineering Adventure Filmmaking


Climbing Snowboarding Trail Running Surfing Mountain Biking


Born and raised at the base of Mount Olympus, just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, Call spent his childhood scrambling around the mountain’s rocky outcroppings. “It was the late 1980s, and there were few badass climbers there I got to know,” he says. “I would use my dad’s Sony Handycam to shoot them. I had no idea I would do it as a profession someday.” In 2000, Call helped found Pusher, a company that manufactured training equipment for climbers. “We needed content to promote the products and I ended up doing a lot of the shooting,” he says. “And that’s when I realized I wanted to shoot full time.” Call did some work for a local production house, then, in 2009, he got a big break. “A friend was working on the movie 127 Hours, and they needed somebody to do the high-angle shots,” says Call. (Starring James Franco, 127 Hours tells the story of Aron Ralston getting trapped by a boulder in Utah’s Bluejohn Canyon and escaping by amputating his own arm). Call’s background filming climbers made him perfect for the job. These days, Call is still shooting from dangerous places, including cliffs and off the back of motorcycles—a skill he picked up while shooting cyclists during Ironman broadcasts. But Call works on everything from branded fly-fishing campaigns to documentaries.


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Mike Call’s creative vision transcends the lens, and in fact, begins in the mountains. His ability to capture the essence of the climbing life is unique because it’s through the eyes of someone who has lived it.

Chris Parker

Head of branded content for Black Diamond Equipment

“I can produce, shoot, and direct, even on a shoestring budget,” says Call. “I have the experience to take on everything and get the job done.”

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Editorial and Commercial Assignments


Emmy award for the film "King Lines," which Mike worked on as a cameraman.

Work Experience



Feature Film Camera Operator "127 Hours" "Point Break."

Adventure Filmmaking Climbing/Mountaineering Drone Piloting


Director of Photography. "From the Ground Up."

Documentary Filmmaking Documentary Photography Climbing/Mountaineering


Produced, directed and filmed 14 feature climbing films.

Adventure Filmmaking Climbing/Mountaineering


Worked with 3 Oscar Winning Directors

Cinematography Director of Photography
Awards and Recognition

May 2021

Official Selection, Mountainfilm 2021 “The Artist”

Sep 2008

Cameraman on Emmy award winning film “King Lines”

May 2021

Official Selection, Mountainfilm 2021 “The Artist”

Sep 2008

Cameraman on Emmy award winning film “King Lines”