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It’s easy to make the case that Lee Cohen is the best powder skiing photographer that ever was. Since the mid-1980s he’s documented powder skiing’s evolution from cult to cultural phenomenon. When it comes to getting powder, light, and athlete in synchrony he’s a wizard. But success in one part of a career shouldn’t be seen as a limitation elsewhere. Lee is a multi-talented adventure photographer with the commercial and editorial portfolio to prove it.


Early on, Lee’s work showed up in the magazines: SKI, Skiing, and Powder, plus in commercial contracts for the biggest outdoor brands in winter and summer. Today, he’s more selective in the contracts he takes. New clients must understand quality photography. “Mediocrity has become a way of the world,” says Lee. “There’s an overdose of imagery. But at the same time there’s amazing photography happening right now. The challenge is that with so many people who don’t know any better, the great photography gets lost in the sauce.”

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Lee: The Big Winter ’22/’23 @ Alta & Snowbird

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Lee: Stio Project Autumn 2023

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Lee: Adventure Travel in Switzerland

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Lee has been referred to as the godfather of the pow shot. But the most satisfaction he gets out of photography is when someone comes up to him and says his pictures are why they moved to Utah, or when he finds himself somewhere he’s never been and sees one of his images tacked on a wall or a refrigerator.

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Success can be a bit of a curse, and that’s true with Lee. When I was the editor of Skiing he was our powder guy because he’s everyone’s powder guy. But when I founded Mountain magazine he shot whitewater, mountain biking, backpacking, and climbing. I once asked him how he avoided being pigeonholed and he said he doesn’t bother trying. ‘When I get those jobs I deliver the goods,’ he told me.  

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—Marc Peruzzi

Writer, Editor, Hence content chief.  

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“I constantly get pigeonholed as a powder skiing photographer,” he says. “But that’s because I had the misfortune of living at Alta my entire adult life and skiing a ridiculous amount of powder.”  —Lee Cohen

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The photographic work of Lee cohen is a treasure to the skiing community. For over three decades he has passionately translated the deep powder experience with is camera. If you ever experienced a bottomless powder day, Lee’s photos will stir those incredible memories. If you haven’t, his imagery is truly as close you’ll ever get to that ultimate bliss.”

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—Dave Reddick

Director of Photography, Powder magazine.

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More Cover Shots Than I can Remember.

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Sports & Adventure Photographer
Backcountry Skier

Magazine shoot for travel story. Ski Action and lifestyle.


Kamchatka Peninsula

Backcountry Skier

Editorial assignment. Skiing magazine.


Valdez, Alaska.

Sports & Adventure Photographer
Backcountry Skier

Editorial and Commercial assignments over many years. Mountain magazine.


Little Cottonwood Canyon

Sports & Adventure Photographer
Backcountry Skier

Commercial and editorial photography.


Flathead Valley, Montana.

Sports & Adventure Photographer
Fishing Photographer

Flyfishing shoot for Patagonia

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Anyone who skis should understand this: You can’t schedule powder. Lee captures the shots he does because he can tap into dozens if not hundreds of athletes on short notice, and strikes when the snow and the light align over an entire winter.