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Apr 10, 2024

Meet an Athlete: Stan Rey


Home Base / Whistler, British Columbia

Activities / Skiing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking

Why Stan

Stan Rey’s joy for skiing is deep and genuine, and his easy-going, friendly personality connects with audiences who discover his film segments at film premieres, on social media, or on his YouTube channel. 

As a kid growing up in the Swiss Alps, Stan aspired to Olympic ski racing just like his grandfather. But at age seven, Stan’s family moved to Whistler and the following years of training in ski racing and ski cross left young Stan burned out. So in his early 20s, he pivoted and started chasing new dreams: skiing with his friends, filming great days in the mountains, floating deep powder turns, and standing atop big spines in the high alpine. That he’s doing what he loves is more than apparent when the camera rolls.

Stan has been able to turn ripping big lines into a career that's now includes producing a lot of content. Photo Jessy Braidwood

One day while he was skiing at Whistler Blackcomb, Stan ran into a friend from high school who was filming an on-hill segment with The Sherpas for the film, “Into the Mind.His friend invited Stan to join them.

I ended up going and doing some crazy stuff. Backflipped a couple cliffs—and that kick started my career.

Two weeks later, Stan got a call to shoot with Salomon Freeski TV in Japan. Now, the 35-year-old skier spends his winters traveling across the world to shoot powder segments for Blank Collective, a ski film company he co-owns with his friend, Alexi Godbout. 

Stan is amazing to work with as an athlete. He’s highly skilled, has a lot of energy, and is definitely someone you want by your side in the backcountry. He’s also a great YouTube and Instagram creator. He recently started his own YouTube channel that’s already getting good traction. His amazing skiing ability and infectious laughter and personality have made him a household name in the freeride world. When you hear, ‘Let’s go doggy, you got this doggy’ you know you’re about to witness something jaw dropping.

Alexi Godbout Co-owner and producer at Blank Collective, professional skier
"Let's go doggy. You got this doggy." Photo Jessy Braidwood

Specialized Skills

“I love skiing powder, now more than ever,” Stan says. Still, even when conditions aren’t ideal, he’s out shooting everyday inspiration with his GoPro, searching for couloirs with his friends (who happen to be among Whistler’s best skiers), or ripping groomers on a sunny day, hooting and hollering top to bottom. His skill isn’t just in the turn; it’s his easy going confidence. “I’m not afraid to be myself,” he says. “I’m a pretty silly individual. I tell a lot of dad jokes and I just like having fun out there. That’s what I try to portray, that love for the sport.”

What's Next

Stan devotes his ski seasons to filming for Blank Collective’s annual movies, but on down days, he’s using GoPro footage to start his own YouTube series, documenting his quest to ski every single black diamond at Whistler Blackcomb. He has a book listing 255 black diamond runs and he’s skiing them in chronological order. So far he’s skied 62.