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Nov 11, 2023 by Megan Michelson

Meet a Creative: Sophie Danison


Home Base / Victor, Idaho.

Activities / Skiing, whitewater, mountain biking, trail running.

Why Sophie

After earning a degree in photojournalism, Sophie Danison talked her way onto the film set of Lynsey Dyer’s 2015 all-women ski film, Pretty Faces. Living out of her 1985 Subaru, she got a crash course in making ski movies. Though she spent the next few years juggling a range of filler jobs—ski instructor, nanny, river guide—Sophie has since carved a niche for herself as a freelance filmmaker who can shoot, edit, and take still photos. Case in point: In 2022, Sophie worked as director of photography, lead editor, and producer for the award-winning ski film, Nexus.

The outdoor industry typically doesn't have big budgets. Sophie runs cameras, scouts locations, edits, and more.

Today, Sophie is a talented, up-and-coming storyteller in the outdoor world with an eye for projects that convey a deeper mission. She’s been behind films on the immigrant workforce in mountain towns, a climate-focused expedition in Greenland, and a documentary on tribal relations within the Wind River Indian Reservation. “I thrive on variety, and I’ve always had a strong pull toward passion projects,” says Sophie.

Hence is OK with skiing powder with pooches.
On location, Sophie has been described as a multi-tool.

What makes Sophie unique is that when she wants to tell a story, she deeply considers her relationship with the subject, not just the outcome. And she’s a pleasure to be around. She knows how to have a good time, be a good listener, and make sure the right story comes across. ​

Claire Smallwood Executive Director of SheJumps.
"Sophie is also solid in the mountains. She knows her gear and she has strong mountain skills. " —Claire Smallwood

Specialized Skills

Sophie has a unique understanding of all the various roles on a film crew, from camera work to producing to editing. “I often get put in the position of Swiss Army Knife,” says Danison. “That was literally a title on my contract once.”

Angry monkey on her back. Moving uphill with camera gear.

What’s Next:

Sophie is currently at work on Moonlines, an Arc’teryx film about skiing and highlining that was shot in France last winter. Look for it to debut this fall.