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Nov 11, 2023 by Beth Lopez

Meet a Creative: Iz La Motte


Home Base / Vermont & Utah

Activities / Skiing, mountain biking, reading, hanging at her cabin in the Vermont woods.

Why Iz

“There is no backup plan,” says Iz La Motte. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do. And when I say I’m going to do something, I do it.” Iz’s ability to chase a goal informed her journey from childhood ski racing in the Catskills of New York, to a thriving career as a ski photographer out West. Her first catalyst: inheriting her grandfather’s collection of 35mm cameras in middle school. She soon knew that her life would involve skiing and photography. Later, while crafting a college thesis film about climate change and skiing, Iz visited Alta. It felt like home—so she set about making it home.

Iz came to Alta for the powder. And why not?

While merchandising in a ski shop, she saw an ad for an all-women’s ski photography course. There, she met established female photographers and athletes who collaborated to succeed. Feeling safe to ask questions and take risks under their watchful eyes, Iz’s skills improved. When she earned a full-time job as Alta’s first female staff photographer, she felt like she’d made it, but the best was still ahead. Today, Iz travels the world as a freelance ski photographer and videographer shooting stories she’s passionate about, all while setting aside time to do the thing that started it all—ripping turns.

On the shoot for Advice For Girls, which is getting released in fall 2023.
Iz splits here time between Utah and Vermont—where much of the editing gets done.

When it comes to filming skiing, you have to deal with extreme elements and have the athletic chops to keep up with professional athletes. Iz handles herself well in the mountains.

Sara Robbins Cinematographer, The Road West Traveled.
In Utah, there are slot canyons and then there are slot canyons.

Specialized Skills

To Iz, the connection between female photographers and female athletes yields great images. That same dynamic is a focus of her recent work as a videographer, a medium with so much dimension it challenges her to think and act even more dynamically. 

Iz took on the role of cinematographer for Advice for Girls, an all-women project by The Road West Traveled production crew.

What’s Next:

Iz’s new film, Advice for Girls, an all-female ski movie, is the product of months of collaboration and countless hours on the snow. The film tells the story of mentors, up-and-comers, and the next generation of women defining skiing. Watch for the film tour in October 2023.