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Nov 16, 2023 by Liam Doran

In the Field: Photographer Liam Doran in Norway

This dream trip to Norway came together thanks to commercial, editorial, and tourism partners.

This was my second trip to the northern reaches of Norway. To pull it off, the team—athletes, videographers, and me—worked with local, regional, and national tourism boards and also garnered support from commercial clients in the outdoor industry. The photos and videos we produced were used in editorial stories and image galleries, advertisements and brand campaigns. Norway is one of my favorite places to shoot. I feel like I never put my camera down.

—Liam Doran Adventure Photographer

Driving around Lofoten, Norway you can simply spy lines from the car, pull over, skin up, and enjoy a ski above arctic waters. 

Sunsets last a long time in Norway. When I saw my skiers standing on this horizon I quickly switched to a long telephoto lens and captured them enjoying the view in Narvik

If all you shoot is the skiing, then you aren’t documenting the trip. This shot was taken in the small fishing village of Henningsvar.

“Skrei” or cod has been the main source of protein since the Vikings. The dried fish can be found, and smelled, everywhere. You can’t tell the story of Norway without talking about fishing.

To capture this sunset I had to convince my skiers that missing dinner after a long day of skiing was worth it. They told me to hurry up in a very direct fashion. 

Getting to combine great action, breaking storms, beautiful light, and a stunning backdrop in the same image is what I strive for.

As we began to ski across this frozen lake I saw this image develop in my mind. To capture it, I had the team slow down as I climbed a small hill to get the perspective I needed.

I wanted to really show the adventure in a trip like this, so capturing a steep bootpack was important.

While all the culture photos are necessary for good storytelling, getting an A-level shot of the main subject of the story is also imperative. This sunset powder photo captures the essence of the trip.